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Benjamin Kampmann · 07 January 2013

Python Coaches meeting Sat, Jan 5th

Last Saturday the Python Coaches in Berlin met again to discuss the upcoming learning materials and workshop for the next several months and weeks. In the last informal gathering over drinks it was already discussed which other topics could be covered as well as that there shall be a rerun of the great Beginners Workshop: aside from a rewrite of the Django 101 Workshop using the new django-marcador-post, the idea was to create a workshop on Object-Oriented-Programming and one about Scripting (using an MP3-Library).

During this meeting those two topics were specified and boiled down to specific point they should cover in a specific order to give the best learning experience and when they should be run. Now it is about getting the hands dirty and get the material written in order to be able to run more workshops. And for both we decided to do another call for coaches. Please join the coaches-mailinglist with the form below wheter you are interested in coaching on site or want to participate in writing. Let’s get this thing going!

You can find all details and the whole protocol here as well.

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Benjamin Kampmann

is freelance Software Developer and Product Creator. Aside from helping with the organisation of workshops and events, he is part of the strategic team and author of many of the blueprints.

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