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Robert Lehmann · 17 November 2015

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OpenTechSchool is a global initiative, spread throughout countries, continents, and timezones. With our blueprints and Discourse platform we have always been trying to connect our distributed membership. Up until now, there has been no good way to just stay informed with all that’s new in OpenTechSchool.

We are introducing our monthly newsletter as a means to keep up with what your fellow friends in other chapters are doing.

It is scheduled for the 20th each month, as to include the contents of the latest Community Call (which takes places around the 15th each month.) If you have exciting content to share with the community at large, please approach us at

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Robert Lehmann

Robert is a systems engineer and Python coach. He took OpenTechSchool from Berlin to Zurich, where he now works for Google.

robert at OpenTechSchool dot org