The Authors


is the community manager of Co.Up, the coworking space where it all began. At the OpenTechSchool she helps with organising events and as a magician with words is in charge of copy-editing.

aleks at OpenTechSchool dot org

Amélie Anglade

is Software Engineer at frestyl and Tech Ambassador of the Berlin Geekettes. For the OpenTechSchool she does public appearances, organises workshops (best known for python) and works at the long- and short-term strategies, such as the launch of Hackership.

amelie at OpenTechSchool dot org

Angus Gratton

Angus is a "full stack" software developer who has worked on a variety of software, from desktop and web applications to scientific real time control systems. Co-organiser of OpenTechSchool Melbourne.

angus at opentechschool dot org

Beatrice Martini

is Event Project Manager for the Open Knowledge Foundation. She contributes to the OpenTechSchool by in organising events and workshops, takes care about CI and public appereances.

beatrice @ OpenTechSchool dot org

Benjamin Kampmann

is freelance Software Developer and Product Creator. Aside from helping with the organisation of workshops and events, he is part of the strategic team and author of many of the blueprints.

ben at OpenTechSchool dot org

Diana Knodel

has a background in computer science, psychology and educational research. She works as a Product Owner at XING and is engaged in the startup scence in Hamburg. She loves to share her enthusiasm about tech and coding as a volunteer at OpenTechSchool, always trying to get more girls and women into tech.

diana at OpenTechSchool dot org

Duana Stanley

is Software Developer at Soundcloud and initiator of the Learners-meetup concept. As such she is organising this and other OpenTechSchool events.

duana at OpenTechSchool dot org

Florian Gilcher

is a Software developer at asquera GmbH. He cofounded the Rust Hack and Learn and is also member of the global Rust community team.

florian at OpenTechSchool dot org

Giorgia Sambrotta

is Web Designer at Delivery Hero. She is an active member behind the learners meetup format and organises OTS-Workshops on conferences and other external events.

giorgia at OpenTechSchool dot org

Nicolai von Neudeck

is a Data Recovery Engineer and Cultural Anthropologist. He initiated the opening hardware workshop, is very hands-on and helps where he can.

nicolai at OpenTechSchool dot org

Philipp Knodel

has a background in political science focusing on international higher education policy. He stumbled into a Ruby on Rails course in San Francisco. And because there weren't many tech workshops for beginners in Hamburg he started the OpenTechSchool Hamburg.

phil at OpenTechSchool dot org

Stefan Hoth

is a freelance Web- and Mobile-Software Developer. Aside from being co-author and -host of the Android-Workshops, he helps with his huge network of contacts in the industry and works on the long-term strategy.

stefan at OpenTechSchool dot org

Steven Farlie

is a freelance Software Developer in Melbourne, Australia. After working with the Berlin OTS-Team and developing the great Social-Coding with Github-Workshop, he is now back in Australia to set up OTS there.

steven at OpenTechSchool dot org

Rachel Uwa

Organisation wizzard and keen on everything visual and design related, from 3D over visual effect up to interactive installation, she can talk with your for hours. As such she is leading the Design-, Processing and UI endevors of the OpenTechSchool Berlin.

rachel at OpenTechSchool dot org

Robert Lehmann

Robert is a systems engineer and Python coach. He took OpenTechSchool from Berlin to Zurich, where he now works for Google.

robert at OpenTechSchool dot org

Martin Stadler

Martin is a JavaScript app and web frontend developer from Berlin. At OpenTechSchool he co-organizes the Web Frontend Co-Learning and JavaScript workshops. He is also currently chair person of the OpenTechSchool foundation (e.V.).

martin at OpenTechSchool dot org

Tobias Struckmeier

Tobi is a software developer living in Dortmund, Germany. At OpenTechSchool he tries to help where possible and applicable. Working on PHP and JavasScript for food and fun.

tobi at OpenTechSchool dot org

Dennis Wilson

Dennis is living in Dortmund, Germany. When he is not working on a freelance software developer, he co-organizes the OpenTechSchool Dortmund, does some open source and speaks at conferences.

dennis at OpenTechSchool dot org