A look back at the first Python Beginners workshop

Aleks · 07 September 2012

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Last Saturday OpenTechSchool held the first workshop for Python beginners. Let’s look back at some of the highlights of the day. Thank you to the students and coaches that helped make this workshop a great success!

The format for the day was very simple. After a brief introduction from Amélie, our lead organiser for the day, and introductions from the rest of the OpenTechSchool coaches the participants were free to complete the Python tutorial at their own pace.

Amélie helping out

This tutorial focused on programming visually with the turtle, a learning device for programming beginners dating all the way back to 1967. Programmers control a little turtle and give it simple commands such as turning left and going forward.

A simple turtle example

This allows beginners to easily see what their code is doing, which is a great aid to learning your first programming language. The coaches were amazed by the abilities of some of our students as they branched out from the basic tutorial and started to experiment with their own creations:

You can also check out photos from the event at the OpenTechSchool Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter to see tweets from other participants.

OpenTechSchool would like to give a big THANK YOU! to all of the participants, to the beginners for taking their first steps into programming, to the coaches for volunteering their time, the OpenTechSchool organisers and of course co.up for hosting the event.

Our Python course continues with part two, where we learn how to use Python to access the web. Unfortunately the course is already full, but feel free to join the waiting list. You can find all the details on our meetup page.

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