GitHub from Scratch - „I fork you and you fork me“

Diana Knodel, Philipp Knodel · 05 December 2013

On November 30th 2013 during Europe Code Week the workshop Github from Scratch was organized in Hamburg. 35 Learners and Coaches attended, learned together and had lots of fun.



Since July 2013 the OpenTechSchool Hamburg has organized a number of events and workshops: App Camps, JavaScript for Beginners, Hack Night, and Coaching Meetups. Last saturday was special: The Github from Scratch workshop took place for the first time. Fabian, Isabel and Ben did a great job in organizing an awesome event – and good news for all those who weren’t able to attend the one-day-workshop: The learning material created is open source and public to anyone interested.


The learners created repositories, added files, put in HTML code, added CSS, and most importantly, forked each others repos and sent pull requests. At the end of the day, everyone had programmed their own version of a mini blog with kittens and minions. But not only did they learn about programming. Everyone met nice people with different backgrounds, interested to learn more about coding. This is what makes these events special: You meet highly motivated people who spend their weekends to learn coding or teach others how to code. This is a unique learning atmosphere that you (unfortunately) hardly experience elsewhere – neither in school nor at work. And that’s the magic of the OpenTechSchool.


Thanks to the organizers, coaches and to all the participants for this wonderful saturday! And thanks to Commerce Plus, Github and SinnerSchrader for supporting this event.

More workshops and events are planned for 2014 – in Hamburg and in all the other OpenTechSchool chapters worldwide. Stay tuned!

About the Authors

Diana Knodel

has a background in computer science, psychology and educational research. She works as a Product Owner at XING and is engaged in the startup scence in Hamburg. She loves to share her enthusiasm about tech and coding as a volunteer at OpenTechSchool, always trying to get more girls and women into tech.

diana at OpenTechSchool dot org

Philipp Knodel

has a background in political science focusing on international higher education policy. He stumbled into a Ruby on Rails course in San Francisco. And because there weren't many tech workshops for beginners in Hamburg he started the OpenTechSchool Hamburg.

phil at OpenTechSchool dot org