Nairobi Dev School: AfricaHackTrip meets OpenTechSchool

Martin Stadler · 08 July 2013

Since I joined the group of AfricaHackTrip – developers and designers from Europe visting tech hubs in East Africa this fall – I learned about many great initiatives in this area, some of them being a perfect fit for my involvement in OpenTechSchool.

I’d like to draw your attention to a special project: Nairobi Dev School. Martha Chumo, a 19 year-old girl, is building a school to teach coding, particularly encouraging women to participate and offering financial support to those who need it. She’s currently running a campaign on Indiegogo to be able to rent a place, buy furniture and laptops. Here’s another article. Also check out her blog.

Apart from that there’s also Rails Girls going on and a lot of other things. Take a look at the blog Girl Geek Kampala to get an impression about what is going on in Uganda’s capital. I’m looking forward to meet some of the protagonists in person.

Seems as if OpenTechSchool and AfricaHackTrip share some values and could benefit from each other. I’m looking into ways how these projects can promote each other more. Maybe there will be chapters in African cities soon? Leave a comment if you have ideas.

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Martin Stadler

Martin is a JavaScript app and web frontend developer from Berlin. At OpenTechSchool he co-organizes the Web Frontend Co-Learning and JavaScript workshops. He is also currently chair person of the OpenTechSchool foundation (e.V.).

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