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Rachel Uwa · 08 May 2013

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OpenTechSchool will be a part of the first annual Codemotion Berlin tech conference May 9-11. The entire conference takes place over the course of three days – one day of workshops (Wearables/Arduino/GLSL Shaders etc.) and two days of conference (including Hard & Soft(ware) hackathon, mini-game jam, labs, makers- and start-up- areas as well). The focus of the conference is Technology – in all its glory – both hardware and software, technical and creative. Tracks include web, mobile, big data, makers and creative.

Kicking off the workshops 9. May, there are two (sold-out) OTS workshops organised by the OTS python coaches titled, “Intro to Programming using Python” and “Django, a Python Web Framework” being held on Thursday. As well, there are two workshops, one by OTS member Raphael de Courville and his colleagues titled “Fifty Shades of Shaders” which is an 8h intro to shaders for creative coders and enthusiasts. OTS collaborator Stefania Druga of Hackidemia will also be conducting a workshop titled ‘Digital Fabriaction: how to Run Workshops for Kids” which is an arduino based workshop for absolute beginners.

There will be talks highlighting a wide variety of languages and technologies throughout the event, including an OTS talk by Benjamin Kampmann and Amélie Anglade on the current state of tech education as well as the future possibilities in this field. Several other OTS members will be speaking throughout the event as well, Tiffany Conroy, interaction designer of Soundcloud will give a talk on creating rich, interactive web applications titled “Cutting the Fat,” Amélie Anglade, also of Soundcloud, will be a part of an exciting session described as– four ladies discussing practical approaches for Big Data beginners!

In total there are over 60 talks, many international speakers as well will be on-hand for the event. Massimo Banzi of Arduino company in Italy will be the keynote speaker and Zoe Romano of Arduino, along with Kobatant members, Hannah-Perner Wilson and Mika Satomi will lead a wearables workshop on Thursday but also a wearables/open-source panel discussion on Saturday evening at the event.

A maker/hacker space will available for getting hands-on, for example, there will be a small workshop by How-Do on Friday afternoon organised and led by OTS member Alessandro Contini.

Aside from maker technology there are also several talks for software programmers and those interested in getting into the field. As well if you’re new to Berlin, it will be a great place to get introduced to the Berlin tech community! If you’re interested in technology and you will be in Berlin May 9-11, Codemotion is the place to be! : )

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Rachel Uwa

Organisation wizzard and keen on everything visual and design related, from 3D over visual effect up to interactive installation, she can talk with your for hours. As such she is leading the Design-, Processing and UI endevors of the OpenTechSchool Berlin.

rachel at OpenTechSchool dot org