Extending the family - Hamburg and Zurich in go position

Benjamin Kampmann · 13 May 2013

After the successful launch of OpenTechSchool Australia, we are very happy to announce another two local teams joining the always extending OpenTechSchool movement: Hamburg and Zurich. And not only are the kick-off events already set up, no the first workshops and events are on schedule in those cities already, too.


Diana{.team .right} Team Hamburg was initiated by Diana, who learnt about the OpenTechSchool when she participated in the Berlin Geekettes Hackathon earlier this year. Inspired by this experience she contacted the OpenTechSchool Team in Berlin about setting up an OTS in Hamburg.

App Summer Camp{.thumb .left} She already had a concrete project in mind, too: the App Summer Camp Hamburg, taking place 16th to 19th July, is a full week program in which teenage girls will learn to code and publish their first mobile app. And it will also be the first project OpenTechSchool Hamburg. The official OTS Team Kick-off will take place the week before, July 11th at ThoughtWorks and can be found on meetup.com.


Robert{.team .right} Our dearest Python coach and one of the main authors behind the great Python Beginners material recently went to Zurich to work at Google – say what? – and decided to take the OpenTechSchool with him. A few weeks in, he has proven there is an interest for such a learning community indeed and the team had their kick off meeting on May 5th.

The first workshop is on the schedule as well already, Colab is willing to host the Python Beginners for a Saturday afternoon and Robert is currently compiling a list of coaches and their available dates in order to find the best date to host as many learners as possible. So if you are around or will be there at some point, please put your information in the corresponding doodle.

Exciting times!

P.S.: If you are interested in starting something in your city, there is a new city blueprint in our handsbooks to help you get started…

About the Author

Benjamin Kampmann

is freelance Software Developer and Product Creator. Aside from helping with the organisation of workshops and events, he is part of the strategic team and author of many of the blueprints.

ben at OpenTechSchool dot org