Call for Python Coaches in Zurich

Robert Lehmann · 06 May 2013

The OpenTechSchool Zurich is scheduling its first workshop, Python for beginners, which is going to take place at the wonderful Colab (which, incidentally, rhymes nicely with our Berlin facilities, so that must be a good sign!) The workshop is going to be 4 hours on a Saturday, noon-ish, with an optional install party on the preceding Friday night.

We need you Python enthusiasts to help us with the coaching! So if you think you can help coaching Python please join the Meetup group and fill out the Doodle so we can quickly agree on a date. No need to be an expert, no matter how much you know about Python programming your knowledge and experience will be useful to a beginner!

See the Meetup announcement for details.

About the Author

Robert Lehmann

Robert is a systems engineer and Python coach. He took OpenTechSchool from Berlin to Zurich, where he now works for Google.

robert at OpenTechSchool dot org