Berlin: New Learners Meetup Format

Duana Stanley · 29 April 2013

The idea of the Learners Meetup is to have a monthly slot where we can rock up and

Learners of all levels are welcome, especially absolute beginners. As a beginner you get access to people who may be able to help you, and as a more experienced programmer you can share your expertise and train your mentoring skills by being a coach.

The new format we will try:

  1. Welcome and introduction to coaches - what can you help someone with?
  2. 15 minute scheduled talk - the talks are aimed so that everyone can get something out of it, no matter what their level of experience or programming language.
  3. A “mini barcamp” - anyone can propose a topic they want to discuss or get help with and we organise ourselves into discussion groups or pairs. At the end we get together as a group and summarised what we discussed.

This meetup’s scheduled talk will be:

Testing, testing 123… with Benjamin Kampmann

How do developers test their code? What is a unit test? What other kinds of tests are there? What is test driven development?

Signup for the meetup here

If you have an idea for a talk you’d like to hear or give, please submit an issue to our github repository

About the Author

Duana Stanley

is Software Developer at Soundcloud and initiator of the Learners-meetup concept. As such she is organising this and other OpenTechSchool events.

duana at OpenTechSchool dot org