Melbourne breaks new ground with Python Flask

Steven Farlie · 15 April 2013

It was a sunny Autumn day in Melbourne, perfect weather for a bit of indoor hacking!

students hacking away

This time students had the first crack at our Websites with Python Flask workshop. It was a gentle introduction to building websites, covering the basics of web browsers, HTML and CSS. One of the great advantages of Flask is that it is very simple to use at first, and still contains everything you need to make a contemporary website.

students hacking away

Overall it was a great success! Many students had never built a website before, and now with Flask under their belts they can take their ideas and put them on the web. With a great number of links to extra resources they can continue their learning after the workshop.

(The freshly-baked cookies were also very well received!)

OpenTechSchool Australia would like to thank everyone for helping to make this happen. Thanks to OpenTechSchool Berlin for all the support and encouragement, for the Aussie volunteers who helped organise and coach the event, as well as develop the workshop material. Special thanks to Electron Workshop for the venue and support. And extra special thanks to all the wonderful beginners! We are all looking forward to the next workshop

About the Author

Steven Farlie

is a freelance Software Developer in Melbourne, Australia. After working with the Berlin OTS-Team and developing the great Social-Coding with Github-Workshop, he is now back in Australia to set up OTS there.

steven at OpenTechSchool dot org