Stockholm Calling

Benjamin Kampmann · 26 September 2012


Last week, our core team member Beatrice Martini landed in Stockholm. One of her missions in the Swedish capital: find out whether people are interested in starting a local OpenTechSchool Group there. Our experience with OTS in Berlin has been and is great and we’d like to take our learnings there as a blueprint on how to make the movement grow in other cities around the globe.

And in Stockholm, after meeting so many programmers and tech lovers in the local tech and startup community who expressed great enthusiasm for the project, looks like there’s definitely a strong interest and will to join the movement! We already secured a venue and have a first idea of a calendar of workshops in October and November. What we need now, are more people from the local community joining and helping with organizing, coaching (as a start: JavaScript, Python? And more!), giving talks about technology for beginners and, most important, spreading the word!

So if you are interested in what is going on with OpenTechSchool Stockholm, have ideas you want to share, want to help with organizing and coaching please sign up to our public mailing list below and drop us a line straight away. Note for the coaches: the learning material for these events has already been prepared and verified by the Berlin team – ready for you to coach in a snap!

We want Stockholm to experience the awesomeness of this project, have only a limited time to make it happen (Beatrice will go back to Berlin in a few weeks) and we need all the help we can get to make the most of it.

Thank you!

Thanks to Oke for that great picture of stockholm.

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About the Author

Benjamin Kampmann

is freelance Software Developer and Product Creator. Aside from helping with the organisation of workshops and events, he is part of the strategic team and author of many of the blueprints.

ben at OpenTechSchool dot org