OTS biweekly team breakfasts

Aleks · 02 August 2012

Participants of the OTS JS workshop

For the sake of catching up with each other in the “real world” rather than the Internet, we have decided to meet biweekly for OpenTechSchool team breakfasts. We’ll be meeting at 8:30 every other Thursday at co.up. You’re invited to join us!

We’ll be talking about organizational matters, sharing progress, drinking coffee, etc. Please bring your own breakfast, ring at Upstream/co.up, & come up to the upstairs lounge. For an overview of all OTS events, have a look at our calendar. You can add it to your own by clicking on the + symbol on the bottom right.

About the Author


is the community manager of Co.Up, the coworking space where it all began. At the OpenTechSchool she helps with organising events and as a magician with words is in charge of copy-editing.

aleks at OpenTechSchool dot org