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Stefan Hoth · 16 July 2012

Google Apps for Education

Great news everyone! Just before our very first organized free workshop on Javascript kicks off we’ve been admitted into the Google Apps for Education Program. This means we can stop worrying about potential fees for additional user accounts for our helpers because Google will host us for free.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to the fine people of Google who made this possible in a heartbeat. This also means we are doing something right and we can be proud of what we achieved so far.

But let’s not stop here - there’s much to teach still and we are just getting started. If you want to be part of our movement for free learning opportunities to bring more women and their friends into tech just here’s your chance.

About the Author

Stefan Hoth

is a freelance Web- and Mobile-Software Developer. Aside from being co-author and -host of the Android-Workshops, he helps with his huge network of contacts in the industry and works on the long-term strategy.

stefan at OpenTechSchool dot org